B-MEET Second Batch Orientation

Invitee Company: Career and Placement Center (CPC)
Program Date: 3rd of May (Wednesday), 2023

Program Summary:

The orientation program of the Bangladesh-Miyazaki ICT Engineers Educational Training (B-MEET) program's second batch was held at the B-JET center on 3rd May 2023 at 5 PM. In this program, Professor Mohammad Khasro Miah, Director of the Career and Placement Center (CPC), and the initiator of the B-JET centre was also present and delivered an intriguing speech, in which he conveyed a warm welcome to the trainees.

As a part of the JICA and BCC initiative, North South University (NSU) and the University of Miyazaki (UOM), Japan, inaugurated a month-long program titled Bangladesh-Miyazaki ICT Engineers Educational Training Project (B-MEET). This program is intended for Bangladeshi university students currently enrolled in all academic fields. Our students will be able to prepare for the employment sectors in Bangladesh and Japan through the B-MEET(BS Class) curriculum.

The course of the second batch consists of a total of 24 hours of training having two hours of each class. The NSU premises have been designated as the venue for the B-MEET training with one online class per week. Experienced Japanese language teachers and business personnel from Japan will be conducting the training. In addition, Shinnosuke Tasaka, the Project Manager of the B-JET center, was also present to provide insight into the regulations, policies, and opportunities available for trainees upon completion of the training.

The Japanese lessons will provide trainees with an opportunity to learn the language and also gain insights into Japanese culture, study methods, business etiquette, and fundamental computer engineering concepts. Furthermore, trainees will receive guidance on interview preparation and resume writing, which will increase their likelihood of securing employment in Japan. The University of Miyazaki will issue a certificate of completion to trainees who successfully finish the course.