Chief Representative of JICA Visits B-JET Center at NSU

Invitee Company: JICA
Program Date: 5th of April (Wednesday), 2023

Program Summary:

The Career and Placement Center (CPC) of North South University had the honour of having Mr. Ichiguchi Tomohide, Chief Representative of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) at the B-JET Center on 5th April 2023, where the (B-JET) Bangladesh Japan IT Engineer Training Program and B-MEET (Bangladesh Miyazaki ICT Engineers Educational Training) programs are going on. During this session, Mr. Komori Takeshi, Senior Representative of JICA. along with Ms. Mahbeen Ara, Administrative Assistant, JICA were also present at the B-JET center.

The B-JET training program was initiated as JICA’s Technical Cooperation in 2017 and succeeded to NSU and the University of Miyazaki through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), North South University and The University of Miyazaki (UoM) on 1st October 2020. JICA's partnership training program, the Bangladesh-Miyazaki ICT Engineers Educational Training Project (B-MEET) was established in 2022. The B-MEET program grooms students in the Japanese language, technical IT, and business etiquette. By providing comprehensive training in these areas, the B-JET program seeks to prepare ICT graduates for the demands of a job in Japan and to help them achieve their professional goals in this thriving market. Consequently, B-JET’s approach to grooming ICT graduates has enabled 120 graduates to secure jobs in Japan between 2020 and 2022.

The B-JET Center owes its existence to the visionary leadership of Professor Mohammad Khasro Miah, Director of the Career and Placement Center (CPC). Dr. Miah has given an intriguing speech and commenced the program. He introduced Mr. Ichiguchi Tomohide, Chief Representative of JICA. As the driving force behind the initiative, he undertook the responsibility of organizing the B-JET and B-MEET programs through the university platform. Professor Miah maintains a close affiliation with prominent corporate and academic institutions in Japan. Dr. Miah’s efforts to facilitate educational and career opportunities for students are truly commendable.

Mr. Tomohide Ichiguchi expressed his delight at witnessing the success of the B-JET and B-MEET during his visit to the B-JET center. He further added that this training program would open avenues for a student to secure a job after graduation in a Bangladeshi company that seeks to do business with Japanese companies. He also communicated with the trainees and encouraged them to work hard and take advantage of the training provided by the programs to enhance their skills and contribute to the growth of the ICT sector in Bangladesh and Japan. Mr. Tomohide Ichiguchi enlightened the trainees about the JICA’s unwavering support with his warm and friendly speech.

JICA's partnership training program, the Bangladesh-Miyazaki ICT Engineers Educational Training Project (B-MEET), aims to enhance the abilities and competencies of Bangladeshi undergraduate students with the ultimate objective of establishing economic ties between Japan and Bangladesh. With the cooperation of Japan’s government, JICA is playing a significant role in ensuring that Bangladeshi ICT engineers have the soft skills, language fluency, and technological knowledge to thrive in the Japanese IT job market. This training will enrich the trainees with the Japanese language.

Professor Mohammad Khasro Miah, Director of the Career and Placement Center (CPC), delivered an intriguing speech, in which he conveyed warm regards to Mr. Tomohide Ichiguchi for gracing the occasion with his honorable presence. The visit held immense significance, not only for North South University but also for the broader bilateral relationship between Japan and Bangladesh, as it served as a crucial step towards fostering greater collaboration and cooperation in education and other critical areas.