B-MEET 4th batch Closing Ceremony

Invitee Company: NSU-CPC, UoM, B-JET Center
Program Date: 3rd of November (Friday), 2023

Program Summary:

The Closing Ceremony of the Bangladesh-Miyazaki ICT Engineers Educational Training (B-
MEET) program's 4th batch was held at the B-JET centre at North South University premises.
At the closing ceremony of the B-MEET 4th batch, Professor Mohammad Khasro Miah
articulated the remarkable achievements of the program. B-MEET bridges Japan and
Bangladesh, creating career opportunities in Japanese industries and offering training through the
B-JET Center for students from North South University and other universities.

Yasunori Yano, Assistant Professor at the University of Miyazaki and Sub Project Manager of
B-MEET, delivered the inaugural address, congratulating the 20 graduates who completed their
prestigious B-MEET training. The Japanese Language and Business teachers also commended
the trainees for their active participation and training completion. At the B-MEET 4th Batch
closing ceremony, certificates were presented to twenty trainees for their exceptional
performance, achieved through successful program completion and perfect attendance. These
certificates signify their unwavering commitment to acquiring essential ICT skills for a
prosperous career.

Professor Dr. Mohammad Khasro Miah, the Director of the Career and Placement Center (CPC),
wrapped up the event with an encouraging expression of gratitude, inspiring the newly graduated
trainees. Moreover, Japanese trainers from Miyazaki University conveyed valuable insights
through their amicable speeches.